Freezer Paper

At first, you might think, it’s just a roll of ordinary paper. But freezer paper has properties that make it useful for food, quilting, stencils, and crafting. It’s amazing just how much you can do with it.

But, what is freezer paper? Very simply put, it is white paper that comes on a roll, much like parchment paper, but while one side has the texture of paper, the other side is coated in a waxy sort of plastic. It is traditionally used to wrap meat for freezing.

Freezer Paper

Freezer paper is a great money saver in your kitchen. Buy large packages of whatever meat is on sale, then divide it up into portions that work for your family. You can even buy larger pieces, and cut them down to chops or stew meat. Once you have the portions, wrap each separate portion in the paper, with the meat against the waxy side.

It’s best if you make the packages as flat as possible for better storage. Use a pencil or pen to write the contents on the outside of the paper. Don’t forget to date it! You want to be sure to use the food on time.

Place the packages in a plastic ziplock bag and freeze. The double plastic will keep the meat from getting freezer burn. When it’s time to use it, you can thaw meat in freezer paper in your refrigerator. The plastic keeps the meat from dripping, and making a mess.

What else can you do with freezer paper?

This paper is a quilter’s dream come true. When you are cutting out pieces to sew, begin by tracing the pattern piece on to the paper side some freezer paper. Lay the paper onto the fabric, waxy side down. Smooth it out, then iron with a medium iron.

The paper will stick to the fabric, making it easy to cut out exact pieces without them slipping like they do with pins. When the pieces are cut, simply pull the paper away from the fabric. No residue will be left behind. Even better, you can use the same pattern piece again, and it will still stick.

Crafters who stencil will also love freezer paper. Instead of cutting the stencil out of regular paper, and trying to tape it down for painting, cut the pattern from the paper waxy side down. Again, use a warm iron to hold the pattern in place. You can easily paint over the stencil pattern without any leakage under the edges, or shifting of the stencil. Slowly peel the paper away when the paint is dry. The pattern left behind will be clean and sharp.

Another creative use of freezer paper is children’s painting. If you have kids that like to paint or watercolor, you will love using this paper. The roll is much cheaper than that fancy painting paper at the craft store. Added bonus, it’s lined, so the paint won’t seep through the back to ruin whatever they have chosen to use as a painting table.

Although it seems like a simple kitchen tool, it turns out that freezer paper has loads of great uses around the home.